mani stone carving
Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh

mani 1 tools
first mani stone before starting

mani 1 started
first mani stone started

mani 1 teacher
Phunchok Namgyal teaching the carving

mani 1 finished
first mani completed

mani 2 started
mani 2 started

mani 2 finished
mani 2 completed - here it is up against the wall of the main Gompa at Lamayuru - I'm told it is still there 14 years later! Dupon Samten Rimpoche asked me to initial and date them "to encourage the others", normally stones aren't signed

mani 3 Mareike
mani 3 for the lovely Mareike - something lighter so it could go home with her on the plane

mani 4
mani 4

mani 5
mani 5 dedicated at the Women's Institute in Leh, Ladakh. It was finding this rock in the desert by Choglamsar that was the experience spoken of in the poem overhead

mani 6
mani 6 'ordinary grey rocks of the mountain' at the Maenllwyd

Tara stone for Sophie
Green Tara's mantra on serpentine stone for Sophie - 'om tare tutare ture soha'

mani 7
mani 7 made and given to the monks on Holy Island

mani 8
mani 8 made for Sue Hyland

mani 9
mani 9 made for Ben Carroll and now living at Roselidden Farm, Cornwall